07 April 2011

My Favorite Buffy the Vampire Slayer Episodes

Because if I'm going to watch seven long seasons of a TV show, I'm at least going to make a list out of it.

1. Hush (4.10): The most terrifying monsters of the whole show. Dance Macabre. Plus Joss Whedon wrote this speech-less episode because everyone kept complimenting his dialogue.

2. The Zeppo (3.13): I was laughing all the way through. This episode meant so much for Xander, plus it was fast-paced and scattered with overshadowed significant incidents, all the great factors of classic comedy (and by classic, I mean Voltaire-classic).

3. Earshot (3.18): Like Hush, I found this episode to be one of the scariest horror episodes of the show.

4. The Body (5.16): The most chilling episode, with no music or unnatural sound. A reminder that life outside mystic forces still exists in the Buffyverse.

5. Passion (2.17): I loved Jenny Calendar, and this was the first episode of this show to make me cry, and the one that made me weep the most (save for, maybe The Gift). For the first time, the show got serious, and I loved it.

6. Restless (4.22): I am a junky for the surreal/post-modern dream sequence. Though the real reason I loved this episode was what it meant for the character of Xander. Oh, and Giles's singing.

7. Nightmares (1.10): Like most first-season episode, it stuck to a simple, classic concept, executed beautifully and terrifyingly.

8. Conversations with Dead People (7.07): The show really went downhill in season six, and this was the one season seven episode that I absolutely loved.

9. Out of Mind, Out of Sight (1.11): Another classic season one story, but my favorite part was the government guys at the end.

10. Once More With Feeling (6.07): The only season six episode written or directed by Joss Whedon, and definitely a favorite.

11. Same Time, Same Place (7.03): Another season seven episode that didn't bore me to death. Mostly because of that scene with Spike. So much fun!