01 November 2009

Ten Lessons from the Edge

Lesson 1: The power of intense eroticism lies within.

Lesson 2: The devil is the details. Aim for better, more finely tuned intricate, specific phenomenology.

Lesson 3: Don not engage in "sex" (whatever that means) until yoru level of arousal is through the roof. Otherwise, you invite and incur the risk of developing sexual dysfunctions, pain or desire disorders.

Lesson 4: Relationship factors requires continuing attention. The levels of trust, communication, and negotiation skills required for extraordinary, erotic intimacy far exceed those common in ordinary sexual relations.

Lesson 5: Sex has as many purposes as there are people having sex. "Sex" is about "nonsexual" purposes, also.

Lesson 6: Sex can accomplish more than tension release and orgasm. It can bring about feelings of aliveness, expansion, self-knowledge, joy, a sense of peace, harmony, ecstasy, wholeness and of "coming home."

Lesson 7: Sex can be profoundly transformative. It can be therapeutic, healing and/or transcending not only sexual wounds but various kinds of psychological injuries.

Lesson 8: Aim high. Learn from those who refuse to settle for merely incredibly pleasureful and thoroughly satisfying sex.

Lesson 9: Keep going deeper, higher, and further. The eroticism is in the continuing exploration, uncovering and discovery of possibilities nad potentials (especially key in long-term relationships).

Lesson 10: Being on the edge is scary but then so are the alternatives. Erotic adventures are genuinely risky but then the risks of erotic stagnation are no less dangerous.

From an article by Kleinplatz, Peggy J, PhD titled "Learning from Estraordinary Lovers: Lessons from the Edge". One of the most interesting, informative readings I ever laid eyes on. I suggest everyone reads it!

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