05 October 2009

Oh, life.

I'm on top of the world right now, but coming down fast. The free fall: that's the best part. But, you know, until you reach the bottom, you never know if it was worth it. I do believe, in fact, that this ride is much like those free-fall water slides. I've been on many, and my favorite, by far, is the one in Blizzard Beach, Disney World, Florida (right). I was there seventh or eighth grade, I believe. You get on that slide, and when you look down it's terrifying, and you think you'll never be able to do it, your instinct tells you "don't do it, you will die". But you go for it anyways. Hedonistic Calculus. It's worth it. It'll be fun. And there you go, zipping down, your breathing stops, adrenaline rushes through your blood. And, at the bottom, you somehow smoothly slow down, and you're glad you did it.

Good things that happened today:
- There's a speaker in my sociology class on Wednesday. Why is that good news? Well, that means our test is delayed one day. It'll be on Wednesday. You know what that means? I'm ditching school on Monday. I am going to the National Equality March in Washington DC this weekend. WOW!
- Linguistics was canceled. Only I didn't know. I went anyways, and it turned out my teacher decided to do optional office hours instead. We have to talk to him about our term paper before midterms, so the fact that I was already there prompted me to stay and to do it. Well, I sat around for an hour, never getting to my turn, but I finished reading Slaughterhouse Five and thought about my paper. Lucky for me, he had office hours for an hour after that, too, so I talked to him then. I'm doing my paper on politically correct speech and euphemisms in the news media. I will focus on the terms "African American" vs the term "black" and the words describing intersex individuals and disorders throughout the years. My midterm is on Wednesday.
- Last week I turned in my first college paper. It was for philosophy and about the genetic fallacy. I wrote it all the day before. Outlined it in the morning, wrote it up before bed. Four pages double spaced doesn't even count as a paper. Well, my TA e-mailed me, asking me if she can show my paper in class because it's the best she graded yet. I aced my first college paper! My midterm for that class is Tuesday.
- I studied a lot today. Studying can actually be kind of fun. I have a lot coming up, but I think I can handle it.

Meeting with my adviser tomorrow.
AIDS Quilt tomorrow.
Gender midterm Friday.
National Equality March Friday through Monday.
Philosophy midterm Tuesday.
Sociology test Wednesday.
Linguistics midterm Wednesday.

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