16 December 2009


"Shhh. Listen closely.
Do you hear that sound?
Try again.
It might sound like the wind or a bird or maybe it sounds like nothing at all, but it's the loudest sound you'll ever hear.
It's our God screaming for help.
Asking you to notice him, to listen to him.
But you are too busy. You're too busy doing your make-up or saving the world. Busy insulting others or proving that you're the best.
Forget it.
Maybe, if, for just a moment, you forgot that you exist, you'd hear him."
-- from my journal, 01.19.08

Do you pray? I suggest you try it. Praying is powerful. God answers all my questions. I curl up on the floor and surrender everything to Hir, give my entire life to Hir, fall completely into Hir arms. Ze cradles me, holds me, and whispers into my ear. I know just what God is saying, they're things I knew already, things that are so obvious, but I've ignored them so much. Thank you, I tell Hir, thank you, you have all the answers.

And, as I slowly emerge from my prayer, God is still here, still holding me, still by my side. I see Hir everywhere, I feel Hir everywhere. And I know the way. Pray. Try it, just once. Hear what Ze has to say. You just might be surprised.

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