23 September 2009

63rd Calypso

God gave me eyes so I could see.
My senses, though, don't set me free.
God gave me mind so I could think.
From this to that, I'd find the link.
Man gave me money, oh so grand.
Now I will never understand.

The Story: These rainy days are really fueling a love of hot coffee and books within me. Today, between my classes, I went and got a delicious Cafe au Lait with soy milk. A small, naturally. Well, by mistake, the cashier charged me for a medium, so the lady at the counter handed me a medium, pointing out the problem and apologizing for it. Well, the difference between a small and a medium is like 40 cents, so it's really no big deal, so I thanked her and went to enjoy the coffee. Only the real difference between a small and a medium is like four ounces, and boy, am I sensitive to caffeine! If I'd used my eyes and my mind, I would have simply not finished the coffee and been happy. Common sense. Only I am blinded by money, and finished the medium, knowing that it's what I'd paid for. Men often create futile symbols that obstruct our understanding of the world.

The Point: Blame Kurt Vonnegut for my turning every day epiphanies into theological poetry.
(Or, perhaps, it's poetic theology?)
After reading one of his books for the first time (Cat's Cradle), I've officially decided that Vonnegut is the best author ever.
He blew my mind, and I'm still coming.
And I've converted to Bokonism.

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