02 September 2009

Stall Wall Conversations

I'm extremely fascinated with conversations that take place on bathroom stall walls. Here is a conversation I found today:

Reach out to those that need it
Reach down to help others up
Reach up to God for guidance

Comments about God on stall walls are very common, and they often illicit very interesting responses:

Reach up to a figment of your imagination.

Why do I have to reach up to your god? Why not mine? Or hers? Or his?

Why do you have to reach for god at all? ISN'T GOD EVERYWHERE?

Reach sideways to wipe your ass.

The third one is by far my favorite, and I was quiet shocked at the apparent un-womanliness of the latter comment, though that's just my inherent sexism talking.

Another, much shorter conversation branched off the original comment.

Someone had written condescending, circled it, and drew a line to the word "down" (in the second line).

In response, someone wrote: Then do you reach up? to help others that fell down dumbass??

Some loving soul decided to surround the entire exchange with some peace-loving quotes. These two comments were in the same handwriting, so they are by the same person:

Remember the GOLDEN RULE
Love makes the world go around

Naturally, this is all very amusing. I'm gonna try to visit that bathroom stall often to check for updates.

Yes, I feel like quiet the dork sitting on the toilet with my journal on my lap, writing down the things that are written on the wall.

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