25 February 2010


Four days before the end of the month, I'm writing this blog post, the eleventh one in the month of February '10. Thus, February, the shortest month of the year, is, as of now, the month I've blogged the most, outnumbering even September '09, when I was a experiencing a blogging honeymoon phase with 10 posts. There are a lot of things I'd meant to blog for quiet a while, and, this last week, I've been blogging every day, multiple times a day, often, because I'd been in the mood. As this mood continues, expect more posts. But, I assure you, this is just a phase. Don't let a plethora of words scare you away from reading about my life!

I love you all <3

PS. My sidebar now features some of the blogs I follow. Check it out, I follow cool blogs.

1 comment:

  1. I so knew you would like that song!!! Point for me!

    Congrats on the post record! *Snaps* *Snaps* :-D