22 February 2010

Why I love the queer community.

Saturday night, Alex and I went to the Red Party, a party hosted by Boulder Pride (evidence pic; don't I look queer?).  We were perhaps the only ones under the age of 30 at the entire party (although we ran into Lynnette there, and that was especially exciting).  It was a really great party, themed after the Seven Decadent Sins, dominated by older lesbians. And it was amazing. Old gay people are probably my favorite people ever. There were so many cute couples, dancing and having fun like no one else, and it was really inspirational and powerful.

And it really got me thinking: all these people - at least ten years older than myself, and many much older than that - all these people have lived through so much, seen so much. Imagine the homophobia that must have existed ten years ago, when some of these people were in college. How about twenty years ago. Thirty. Imagine how much they must have seen, how much they must have endured.  Yet here they are, today, dancing. Dancing for love.

So here's why I love the queer community:
1. It's a culture of activism. It's a group of people fighting, acting, bringing about change. And it really works. Sure, it takes time, but we've made so many strides, and we keep moving forward!
2. It's a culture of having fun. Of making the most of life. It's a culture where, as you make these strides, you party. Party with the one you love.
3. It's a culture of love. Love is what we fight for, love is what matters.
4. It's a culture of being yourself. And not just being yourself, but being proud that you're you.

Someday, I'm going to be one of those amazing, crazy old queers.

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  1. Aww, that's so awesome and true! That's definitely how I felt at Creating Change, and there were a lot of older people (70+!) there still engaged in activism, still having fun, and still being fabulous queers! I'm so glad you got to experience that culture at the Red Party.