27 February 2010

Spring has come!

I officially declare yesterday the first day of spring. Not so much because it was really really warm, such days happen often during winter in Colorado, but because it felt like springtime. Thursday night it snowed, and yesterday it was more than 50 degrees, and I love Colorado. In the spring, the mood swings get slightly worse than usual. They happen just as often, but the snowstorms are bigger and the warm days are warmer.

My weather-dependent mood follows. I start running whenever I'm alone: running to class like one of those kids, running to my room in the middle of the night, running because I'm too impatient to walk. I get excited, bouncy, giddy; I sit still less than I usually do. I also get paranoid. On the other hand, I feel sadder and lonelier. Little things set me off (I was reading Kozol's Savage Inequalities yesterday, and I started crying, but then, that's a really sad book.

I'm so excited for spring.

PS. While on the Hop last night, we were having a conversation about spring and later seasons in general, and the entire bus participated. It made me so happy to see people actually talk to each other!

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