24 February 2010

a softer world

Today I'm posting comics, because all the cool kids are doing it.

But really, recently I read over all of a softer world, which is absolutely amazing. I bookmarked 38 that I liked, but finally, after a lot of thinking, I chose the seven that I like the most, and decided to share them on my this here blog. (Choosing only seven was almost impossible.) The sentence above each is the scroll-over text.

maybe 1996 was

it was like being high. nobody wanted to be around me


now the collection agencies have armies.

and progress and the future

Smash the state? Nah. I'll just ignore it and hope it ignores me.

I wouldn't make a very good doctor, for instance.

Don't get me wrong. My vagina is awesome.
It's pretty amazing and I suggest you read them all.

Next up, I plan to re-read all of xkcd and once again bookmark my favorites.

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  1. Those are pretty interesting comics! I like the way they are done. Good work!