14 February 2010

My Sexuality

I just had a really fun conversation with myself about my sexuality.

queer for queer, panromantic, gray-a sexual, fluid

Queer for queer? What does that mean? I am primarily attracted to other queer people.

Alright, then what's queer? Generally speaking, it means not hetero-romantic. There are exceptions. It's also a self-identity.

Is hetero-flexible queer? It depends what you mean by hetero-flexible. If it means "I like guys but sometimes fuck girls" (or vise versa), then no. If it means "I usually like guys, but once in a while I am attracted to a girl, and not afraid to act on it", then yes.

So you're never interested in straight men? I'm not strictly queer for queer. However, certain "queer" aspects help. Involvement and activism in the queer community; queer friends; absolutely no homophobia or transphobia, EVER; not being afraid of showing intimacy with same-sex friends; not being afraid to show feminine characteristics. Actually, I think everyone should act like that, but many straight men don't. Overall, though, if you're a straight man, I'm most likely not into you.

Are you interested in straight trans men? That would be a straight man, as discussed above.

Are you interested in asexuals? Very. In fact, I'm gray-a sexual. However, if you're a hetero-romantic asexual man, I'm probably not into you.

But straight trans men or hetero-romantic asexuals or hetero-flexible people sometimes identify as queer. And sometimes, they don't.

What's panromantic? That means I can be romantically attracted to any gender.

Isn't that just bi? Bi means two. There are more than two genders.

So, which do you like more? Boys or girls? I usually lean slightly towards men. It changes. I'm also really into androgyny as a gender presentations.

Gray a-sexual? What's that? A gray-a sexual is someone who falls between asexuality and sexuality on the (a)sexuality spectrum.

Oh... so you're asexual? If you use that as an umbrella term.

Does that mean you don't have sex? Maybe.

What? I'm still trying to figure this part out. You can talk to me about it, if you'd like.

Alright, in that case, moving on. Fluid: what does that mean? It means these answers will be outdated tomorrow.

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